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Harry Potter: The Next Generation

what happens when all is not well...

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The Next Generation of Harry Potter

Harry Potter: The Next Generation

Harry Potter has graduated, and now the kids are all at Hogwarts.

What happens when all is not well?

warning: here there be slash.
warning: seeing as this is set Post-Deathly Hallows, there will be DH spoilers.
disclaimer: we do not own Harry Potter, or really anything else. We just enjoy the AS/S crack. Please don't sue us.

everyone's favorite characters

Main Characters

Scorpius Malfoy: Slytherin. 11.
Albus Severus Potter: Slytherin. 11.
James Potter: Gryffindor. 12.

Ginny and Harry Potter
Anomy and Draco Malfoy

for a full/updated character listing please see here. Every so often it will be updated, so if you see somebody you don't know, check there first before asking us.

your friendly neighborhood writers

museofspeed and unrequited_rain are awesome.
(rain half stole half coded this table and shana wrote most of it).
So you should send us cookies. We like cookies.

To make things simple, museofspeed, unrequited_rain, and wildebrian are the only members. Everyone else can (and should!) watch, but unless you are working on the fic, you can't be a member. Sorry!

wildebrian is our British Beta. Thank her for all the correctly used British slang and blame museofspeed or unrequited_rain for the mistakes!


any and all questions should please be emailed to hpthenextgen@gmail.com
please don't ask us anything at our personal journals, unless it's an actual comment on something at our journals.
feel free to give us love, praise and accolades they raise our self esteem :D

PLEASE don't ask to join the comm.
it's already been outlined and said LOTS OF TIMES that no you can't join or post, only the writers (rain and shana) and our beta (mel) can.
if you email asking to join or for posting access rain reserves the right to make fun of you.

This is heavily influenced by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling, shoebox_project by dorkorific (Rave) and ladyjaida (Jaida) and hp_secrets by nomeremuggle (Rinney). you should read them all :D

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