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hop into my TARDIS little girl...

I know it might look like we've forgotten this. We haven't I promise! I can't speak for Shana, but school is kicking my ass at the moment. We're almost out of first year though. We've got a few christmastime fics coming and then I think one or two in the spring and then we can get working on summertime.

And also, I have a question for everybody. Are you feeling up to a trip to the past?

If you've been over to visit the character listing recently, you might have boggled at some of the parents there. In a why are THEY together, or who are THEY? sense.

Poll #1063728 time travelling anybody?
This poll is closed.

Are you up to a trip to the past to see how some of these crazy couples got together?

Yes! Timetravelling is fun!
No! I'm just here for the AS/S!
I don't really care, just post more fic!

On a scale of zero to five, how much is school kicking your butt right now?

0: I'm not in school!
1: not at all
2: just a little bit
3:not too bad
4: it's really smarting
5: my butt is raw from the kicking


17 September 2017

Why, yes! It is an update! What do you know?

NOTE: I would like to assure everyone that this was in no way a sneaky attempt to correlate what Rowling has said about Luna's spouse with our story in any way shape or form. We always planned to do this. Since the beginning. Yep.

2 September, 2017

Sorry about the lack of update, I'd make excuses, but they're boring. So let's get to what you're really here for.

phone conversation between Harry and RonCollapse )

Watchers count: 234!

2 September, 2017

So our 200 thing didn't work out so well... maybe we'll try again at 300 or something. But we're really happy that so many people are watching!

1 September 2017, 9:10ish

Rose Evangeline to HermioneCollapse )

conversation between Hermione and Ron WeasleyCollapse )

Seriously, 165 of you are watching us? I'd say get a life, but that's rather flattering :D Like Shana said, we were going to do something for 50, but you blew that right out of the water. So how about something special for 200? do you guys think we can make it?

15 September 2017

Why are 156 people reading this? Don't you have better things to do? Sunshine? Fresh air? Books?

In all seriousness, I'm just sort of amazed. We were vaguely planning on doing something cool when we reached fifty but...that didn't quite work out. Thank you so much for all the reading!

Without further ado:

1 September 2017, 9:00 pm

Albus and Scorpius's first night at HogwartsCollapse )

thanks for all the comments from last time everybody!

way to know rain is tired #765897: she posts hpthenextgen to her regular journal *headdesk* why am I still awake at 1:30am?

1 September 2017

First letters home First year

Albus Severus to HarryCollapse )

Scorpius Antares to DracoCollapse )

also, the posts might not be this fast in the future. I have prior fic commitments and school coming up. But we both are happy to see people here!
hey, you've managed to stumble upon Harry Potter: The Next Generation. Shana and Rain's Post-Deathly Hallows third generation fic.

Being that it is post-DH, there will be no warnings for spoilers because we assume you've already read the book. please don't make an ass of us, and yourself by whining about being spoiled.

aunty rain<3
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