hop into my TARDIS little girl...

I know it might look like we've forgotten this. We haven't I promise! I can't speak for Shana, but school is kicking my ass at the moment. We're almost out of first year though. We've got a few christmastime fics coming and then I think one or two in the spring and then we can get working on summertime.

And also, I have a question for everybody. Are you feeling up to a trip to the past?

If you've been over to visit the character listing recently, you might have boggled at some of the parents there. In a why are THEY together, or who are THEY? sense.

Poll #1063728 time travelling anybody?
This poll is closed.

Are you up to a trip to the past to see how some of these crazy couples got together?

Yes! Timetravelling is fun!
No! I'm just here for the AS/S!
I don't really care, just post more fic!

On a scale of zero to five, how much is school kicking your butt right now?

0: I'm not in school!
1: not at all
2: just a little bit
3:not too bad
4: it's really smarting
5: my butt is raw from the kicking